these are the variants being implemented in campaign. more or less subject to change at DM wimsy.

Divine spells: many have a change to flavor based on deity mostly in the kind of damage they deal.

Resurrection and raise dead: you do not require Diamonds for a regent. for a 20% cost increase you can use any valuables, coins, gems, artwork etc. the diamonds are not consumed, they are a bribe to Hades to look the other way and let a soul come back to the world of the living. if you have a way to trap a soul you can bring the dead back to life with no monetary cost.

Mystery class: there will be times during the campaign were a character may be offered a class to level in. the player will not know anything about the class and gain abilities every level. the classes will be as or slightly more powerful then most average classes but will provide useful bonuses and be beneficial to the character always.

Defending armor spikes: will not provide an AC bonus to a character unless the character is able to attack with them as part of their full round. such as, actually attacking with them, two weapon fighting and using them as an offhand attack, or some special charge attacks provided by feats.

Imbued Healing
  • Inquisition domain- grants to receiver of the heal with a new save against 1 spell, supernatural, or spell like effect on them. such as bestow curse, flesh to stone, charm, or baleful polymorph
  • drop the immunity to crits n sneaks, loose immunity to mind effecting (but get cha to that save) and gain con to hit points and normal hit dice (not D12’s) WIP. no longer immune to energy drain as they have a soul.


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