the world

the world as now is very broken, the damage from the war of the gods is mending and is less then half its size during the Dark Age.

to the north: the bleak desert of (_) prevents much safe travail. a city is rumored to be out in the wastes but no one has visited, or at least returned had they. Small northern cities occasionally trade with nomads but little in known of the region.

to the east: A great barren landscape stretches out here, the Orc tribes laid claim to this whole region, and have found surprising amounts of ore in it. they often wage war against each other for fun and profit. this land is barren and empty save for the crater cities of the orcs whome raid across the lands and into the central world.

to the south: there rests the great sea, home to Posidon, stretches

to the west:

the world

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