great monsters

all of the great monsters are immortal beings that are fa above most monsters that roam the lands. when slain they discorperate leaving behind a part of them self’s that the hero who slayed them can proves their victory with the trophy. some of the trophy’s are magical and grant significant power to those who claim them. but only the slayer of the beast can use them. all of the great beasts have their lesser children. the lesser are not immortal but are very powerful. they come in lesser and greater variants based on how “pure” their bloodlines are. the true great bases are usually named for the city they terrorized to most.

The Neamian Lion

the mighty Neamian Lion is a terror to fight. its golden hide is nigh indestructible and a truly great prize. thus far, only the mighty Hercules has ever slain one, and many demi-gods and heros have been killed attempting to do the same. the Neamian Lion has the highest kill total of heros of any of the great beasts. its recorperation is unknown but suspected to be over a century.

The Lemir Hydra

Considered the most terrible of the great monsters the Lemir hydra is fortunately fond of deep swamps that keep it away from more civilized area’s. this fearsome best is well known for its poisonus traits that ruin the surroundings it lives in. the hydra has been sail a few times and seems to recorperate in a few decades, but only Hercules has been able to slay the monster by himself,

The Gorgan Sisters

the Gorgan Sisters are some of the most active of all the great monsters. they actively attack settlements and slaughter the children of the gods. they are also realitivly weak for the great monsters. they posses no impenitence hide, no toxic breath that can ruin a forest for years, no brtual power to rend a man with thire bear hands. but they do posses the Gorgan stare. this power has been countered several times in the past ending in the slaying of the Sisters. they unfortunately recuperate in a matter of a few short years.

The Minotaur of the Labyrinth

Non of the great monsters strike greater fear and hate in the cities of men, or shame in the elves of create. For a century the Mad King Minos fed the children of the Human cities to the beast within the Labyrinth for his entertainment. the Minotaur is a mighty beast and so are his lesser kin. They are big brutish, and vicious. the minotaurs are among the most prolific of the great beasts and spread far. they are often found with giants and ogres in raiding parties to cannibalizes and ravage villages. they are one of the few noted to be able to breed with other humanoids, and this ha boosted their population heavily. the minotaurs are very easy to tell apart due to their horns. lesser have two normal looking horns that are as strong as steel. the greater have a set of four bronze horns that can piece a man in plate around with ease. and the true has a rack of six horns that are said to be able to manipulate stone and sunder the earth.

Sphinx of Theabs

the most intelligent of all the great monster is the sphinx. She terrorized the trade routes of Theabs making it dangerous for people to go in or out of the trade capitol of the world. She would beguile travelers with difficult riddles and slaughter those who couldn’t answer. Oedipus bested the true Sphinx and she killed her self as part of the bet. The Sphinx has the longest of all the great monsters recorperation time taking a full five century’s. the Sphinxes do not come in the normal lesser and greater kinds and instead have a wide verity of sub tpyes. this is unique to the sphinx’s

great monsters

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