a brief history of everything

- Pre dark age.

Gea, Oranos, and night are spawned by the primordial chaos of existence and in turn create the world. Gea and Oranos bear the first child, and named it Saturn. Saturn and Gea in turn mate and produce the Titans, Hectanphatie, and the Cyclopes. Saturn ruled as the king of creation as the only being born into the world, and father to children who now inhabit it. he rules poorly and the his children rebel. he brutally punishes them. the Hectanphatie and Cyclopes are imprisoned in Saturn’s personal dungeon Tartarus. Gea distraught at the abuse Saturn heaped upon the children of Gea assisted in the second rebellion granting her youngest, Chronos, an enchanted flint Sickle to strike against her First born. Gea lures Saturn into a trap and then Chronos struck. He severed Saturn’s genitals as he coupled with Gea and cast them into the sea. the raining blood spawned the giants, and the seaman the fey. Saturn was forced to flee and has not been seen or heard from since. thus the Dark Age of the Titans began.

10,000-8,000 Dark Age.

Chronos takes the throne of the world and rules as the king. he rules and the titans begin to have offspring, something Saturn had banned for all but him. the Titans bear children, and create the first mortal races. the beings born between the Titans are the Gods, and between a Titan and mortal as a Demi-Titan. the Gods were lesser to the Titans and the Demi were not even immortal but very powerful and longer lived then any other.

8,000-4,000 Dark Age

Chronos and Rea bear children and Chronos begins to become paranoid. his Fathers children overthrew him, what of his own? the giants build their own mountain fortresses and the Fey take to the woods. the severed genitalia of Saturn forms the Goddess Aphrodites and she risible from the sea as the most beautiful being in creation.

4,000-2,000 Dark Ages

Chronos’s mounting paranoia causes him to devour his children whole to prevent them from over throwing him as they grow up. the other Gods flee encase any other Titans decide to emulate their king, or if his hunger grew.

2,000-1,500 Dark Age

Rea feeds Chronos a rock instead of her newest and youngest, Zues, the great Titan gags and throws up the Immortals he had eaten and they Zues helps them flee from the titans domain. Zeus begins to form an army with his siblings, and they create their own mortal races and Demi-Gods.

1,500-500 Dark Ages

the Gods and Titans battle with their mortal armys and there own divine power. the Titans are stronger but there is disapproval in their ranks. some of the titans do not wish to fight their children. Chronos, and Atlas lead the fight against Zues, Posiden, and Hades. The Giants side with the the Titans in exchange for power and rank beneath them in the world order and the balance shifts towards the Titans.

500-400 Dark Ages

Zeus frees the Hecphantie and Cyclopes from tartarus and the balance shirts again. the Cyclopes craft grand weapons for the gods, their masterworks, Zeus’s lightning of destruction, Poseidon’s trident of the Sea’s, and Hades Helm of Darkness.

233 Dark Age

on the plains of Marathon Chronos is defeated by the three great gods, Hades knocks him down, Poseidon pins him to the earth, and Zues blasts him unconscious. they cut their Titan father up with his own scythe and banish him across the plane of Tartarus.

50 Dark Age

The last battle is fought on the slopes of mount Etna at the foot of the Titans castle. Atlas the general of the Titans is defeated and his army of Giants and Dragons is scattered. the castle guards, the Inevitable, stand down and recognize Zeus and the Gods as the new rulers of creation. the capital is moved to mount Olympus, and Zeus uses his lightning to destroy the titans home on Etna.

end of dark ages

Zues and the Gods move the Center of Life to a new region and allow thire races to flourish acoss it. the Titan’s Beast men are banished out side this new futile area, as are the giants. almpost all the remaining Titans are imprisoned or Banished from the plane depending on weather or not they surrendered or fought to the last. Atlus is forced to hold the sky up as his punishment. but most titans are merely banished to the elemental planes.

a brief history of everything

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