"To learn history is to learn from the mistakes of others. I have had a long time to learn."


Historian Ambrose

  • Human Necropolitan
  • Cleric 7/Combat Medic 5//Bard 12
Vital Statistics
  • Max HP: 115 (7d8, 5d6, 48)
  • BAB/Grapple: 9/10 (+10 to resist grapple initiation)
  • Initiative: +3
  • Speed: 30ft (20ft)
Armor Class
  • Standard: 30 (10 +2 Mithril Fullplate, 4 +2 Twilight heavy mithril shield, +3 Greater Nemean Cloak, +3 Dexterity)
  • Flat Footed:27
  • Touch:13
  • Other: +5 against ranged weapon attacks (Lesser Crystal of Arrow Deflection)
  • Other: +1 from Dodge.
  • Damage Reduction: 4/- (Greater Namean Cloak)
Save Total Base Ability Magic
Fortitude 12 5 4 3
Reflex 14 8 3 3
Will 19 8 8 3
  • Evasion
  • CHA to saves vs. Mind Affecting
  • +1 to saves vs. spells
Weapon Attack Damage Critical
+1 Dire Pick 9 1d8+2 x4
Ranged Touch 12 - -
Melee Touch 10 - -
Ability Scores
Stat Total Modifier Base Magic
Strength 13 (1) 13 0
Dexterity 16 (3) 16 0
Constitution 18 (4) 16 2 enhancement
Intelligence 18 (4) 18 0
Wisdom 26 (8) 22 4 Enhancement
Charisma 22 (6) 18 4 Enhancement
Skill Total Ranks Ability Magic Synergy Misc
Concentration 20/25 13 4 0 0 3 Skill Focus, +5 to cast defensively
Decipher Script 15 11 4
Diplomacy 23 15 6 0 0 2 Nymph’s Kiss
Heal 16 8 8
Knowledge: Arcana 16 12 4
Knowledge: Architecture and Engineering 6 2 4
Knowledge: History 19 15 4
Knowledge: Nature 15 11 4
Knowledge: Religion 19 15 4
Listen 23 15 8
Perform: Lyre 14 0 6 5 Vest of Legends 0 2 Nymph’s Kiss, +1 masterwork instrument
Perform: Sing 28 15 6 5 Vest of Legends 0 2 Nymph’s Kiss
Sense Motive 23 15 8
Spellcraft 19 15 4
Spot 23 15 8
Bard Abilities
  • Bardic music 12/day
  • Bardic Knowledge: 22 (Bard 12, Int 4, History 2, Headband 4)
  • Countersong (+1)
  • Fascinate (DC +1)
  • Inspire courage +5 (+6 using Inspirational Boost)
  • Inspire competence (+3 competence bonus)
  • Suggestion (DC +1)
  • Inspire greatness (3 targets)(+3d10, +3 Attack, +2 Fort)
  • Song of freedom
Cleric/Medic Abilities
  • Rebuke Undead: 9/day, Check: 1d20+8, Damage 2d6+17
  • Inquisition Domain: +4 on Dispel checks
  • Law Domain: +1 Caster Level on Law spells
  • Healing Kicker, 13/day.
  • Healing Kicker: Sanctuary (DC 28)
  • Healing Kicker: +5 competence to Reflex saves.
  • Healing Kicker: Aid (13 HP, +1 morale to hit and saves vs fear)
  • Defensive Casting: Medic class level as a bonus on casting defensively
  • Field Healer: Can take 10 on heal checks, make heal checks for first aid as a move action.
  • Mobility: Bonus Feat
  • Evasion
  • Spontaneous Heal: Can sack spell to cast Heal (6th) or Heal Mass (9th).
Bard Spellcasting
  • Cantrips 3/day: Prestidigitation, Minor Disguise, Message, Mage Hand, Stick, Ghost Sound
  • 1st Level 5/day: Serene Visage, Obscure Object, Undetectable Alignment, Inspirational Boost
  • 2nd Level 5/day: Battle Hymn, Tactical Precision, Tongues, Glitterdust
  • 3rd Level 4/day: Glibness, Haste, Speak with Animals, Invisibility Sphere
  • 4th Level 3/day: Sirine’s Grace, Freedom of Movement, Ray Deflection
Cleric Spellcasting
  • Typically Prepared:
  • Orisons 6/day: Detect Magic x3 Create Water, Amanuensis, Read Magic.
  • 1st Level 7/day: (Detect Chaos)(Protection from Chaos) Blood Wind, Sign, Resurgence, Remove Fear x2, Endure Elements, Shield of Faith.
  • 2nd Level 6/day: (Zone of Truth)(Calm Emotions) Status, Close Wounds x2, Lesser Restoration x2, Healing Lorecall.
  • 3rd Level 6/day: (Detect Thoughts)(Magic Circle against Chaos) Resurgence Mass, Align Weapon Mass, Cloak of Bravery, Fell the Greatest Foe, Searing Light, Wind Wall.
  • 4th Level 5/day: (Discern Lies)(Order’s Wrath)Panaceax2, Iron Bones, Moon Bolt, Freedom of Movement.
  • 5th Level 4/day: (True Seeing) (Dispel Chaos) Summon Undead V, Wall of Stone, Flame Strike x2.
  • 6th Level 3/day: (Quest) (Hold Monster)[Heal] Dispel Magic Greater x2, Blade Barrier.
Feats and Flaws
Level Feat/Flaw Description Location
Flaw Noncombatant -2 on melee attack rolls UA 91
Flaw Murky-eyed Roll twice for concealment UA 91
Benefit Lingering Song Bardic Music effects last 1 minute after song ends SnS 40
Benefit Nymph’s Kiss +1 on saves vs. spells, +2 on Cha-related checks, +1 skill/level BoED 44
Human Melodic Casting Can cast while using Bardic Music CM 44
1 Skill focus: Concentration +3 to Concentration
3 Dodge +1 dodge bonus against selected enemy
6 Battle Caster Wear armor one category heavier and still ignore spell failure CA 75
Medic 3 Mobility +4 dodge bonus against AOOs for moving through threatened space.
9 Song of the Heart +1 to Bardic Music effects ECS 60
12 Imbue Healing Add beneficial “carrier” to healing spells
Magical Equipment __
Slot Item Effect Location
Head Headband of the Lorebinder Bardic Knowledge +4, Read Magic, Cha+4 MIC 110
Throat Badge of Valor 3/day +1 to Inspire Courage, +4 Wis MIC 208
Shoulders Greater Nemean Cloak of Resistance 3 natural armor, DR 4/- , Resistance 3 DM custom
Body +2 Mithril Fullplate -
Torso Vest of Legends +5 to effective Bard Level, +5 Perform DMG2 272
Waist Belt of the Wide Earth Carrying capacity x2, 2/day Teleport MIC 204
Shield +2 Twilight Heavy Mithril shield No spell failure chance
Ring 1
Ring 2
  • Other: Dispelling Cord (5/day +2 to Dispel Magic checks)(MIC 94)
Other Possessions
  • Silver Holy Symbol
  • Masterwork Lyre
  • Backpack
  • 500g in scented oils (Anise and Mint)
  • 2x Eye Ointment (for True Seeing)

10 Platinum, 29 Gold, 9 Silver, 10 Copper.

Undead-ish Traits
  • Darkvision 60 feet.
  • Immune: poison, sleep effects, paralysis, stunning, disease, death effects,. nonlethal damage, ability drain. (Not immune to energy drain because he has a soul.)
  • Immune to damage to physical ability scores, fatigue and exhaustion.
  • Immune to any effect that requires a Fortitude save unless the effect also works on objects or is harmless.
  • Ambrose adds his Charisma to saves against Mind-Affecting affects (replaces undead immunity)
  • As a Necropolitan, Ambrose has a +4 profane bonus on Will saves to resist Control Undead spells and effects.
  • When reduced to 0 hit points or less, Ambrose is immediately destroyed.
  • Ambrose does not eat, breathe, or sleep.
  • +2,400
Miscellaneous Statistics
  • Height: 5’10”
  • Weight: 145 lbs. (he is very thin, but his armor masks it quite well)
  • Carrying Capacity: Light: 100 lb. or less. Medium: 101 200 lb. Heavy: 201-300 lb.
  • Current weight carried: 35lbs.
  • Hit Dice rolls: (8 8 4 4 6 5 3 6 4 5 7 7)

Historian Ambrose was thirty-two when he died.

In a battle between priests of Hades and a cult of necromancers who had overstepped their bounds, Ambrose had tended to the front line, making sure that none of the living priests met their master early, when he was struck down by a desperate magic that drained him to a withered husk in a split second. Because all the priests were still alive and well, they soon finished the necromancers off except for their leader, who fled, leaving Ambrose the only casualty.

In reward for his service, he was given another chance at life. Sort of. Hades sent him back in a state somewhere between life and unlife. Ambrose doesn’t remember much of the encounter, though more recent communes have always seemed like Hades was amused at him for some reason.

Because of this physical change, he was forced to change company as well. He took to a life a books and chronicling, a far cry from the vigorous outdoor life he had led before. Whereas before he had rejoiced in life, enriching his soul so that Hades would gain more from it when he died, now he collects the knowledge of the dead.

The thing he most regrets losing is his lover, a nymph named Callidora, whom he once spent long, lazy summer days with in a glade north of Thebes. As Fey are immortal, she may still be alive and well, but having become something contrary to nature, Ambrose has not dared return since his transformation seventy-four years ago.

Ambrose dreams of one day restoring his body to function completely as it did when he was alive, while still retaining the immortality he has come to rely on for his studies, and if at all possible, to see Callidora once more.


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