The Black Wind Howls...

I will destroy whatever dared harm this forest! To desecrate the forest, its inhabitants, and to play with me like I was some mewling fawn – this creature has earned my ire as few have before! Two creatures I must destroy, two paths I must follow – this is not acceptable. Your vengeance will be had first, Aveena. The Father-beast of the Nemeans will fall to my hands first – no other hunt will pry my attention away for long. I will cast its form to the four winds and deliver its accursed soul to Hades myself!

Then…then I can return to my place in nature. And then this creature, be it a minion of Hades as Nik seems to fear or the very incarnation of evil itself, will feel the wrath of the wilds delivered upon its head!

Hear me now, creature! I am Rhoin of the Fifth Wind – I hunt that which cannot be found, I slay that which cannot be killed, and from here forth your days are numbered! Run, if you can, fight, if you dare, but know that the winds howl for your blood and I intend to deliver it to them!

- Rhoin


cackles manically

The Black Wind Howls...

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