Rage of the Wilds


I burn this demon’s heart under this bright moon that its ashes may sink its evil into the purifying earth and its smoke might carry my message to you on the great winds, wherever you are. Another Nemean lays dead at my feet. It’s mane was still fresh with the blood of an unfortunate soul I didn’t arrive in time to save. This one fought with such fervor, such bloodlust I could almost feel it. For that matter, I still can. I feel such…rage! Such pain! Ancestors help me, what’s happening to me?! Is this you, Artemis? Another curse upon my head? Cergus and Jorus weren’t enough of a punish-... Aaargh!

Mrph…my head…The sun’s risen already? How long was I asleep…what’s this? Teeth of the ancestors that gave us speed and strength? Feathers of the ancestors that us wisdom and wings? I feel…so strong! This is no curse, but a gift! Thank you, Ancestors! Thank you, Aveena! Thank you, Greatmother! You may attempt to throw me to the ground, Artemis, but the Greatmother Gaia and all who I fight for push me up, stronger than ever!

As the four winds wrap the world, may you ever wrap me, Aveena. I feel you standing with me, my love, my Fifth Wind.

- Rhoin



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