Nik's Letter - New Adventure

Dear Mama,

It’s been a while since I’ve written, and I’m sorry for it being such a long time. I hooked up with a new group of adventurers to go and get this crazy key thing from an old ruin that used to be owned by the Titans! It was pretty dark down there but Rhoin (he’s like a half-elf half-gryphon thingy) is pretty sure-footed and can see in the dark, and he was nice enough to let me ride him around in the tunnels.

There were some bad men from a cult who didn’t want us to get the key, but me, Rhoin, and Krusik (he’s pretty nice for a half-orc, not scary like that one sailor guy who threatened Dad with an oar while we were on vacation that one time) fended them off. They had a pet giant too but we didn’t run into him.

It paid okay (obviously enough for postage, ha ha) and we found some funny documents that got us another mission from the same employer. She had us take off to Thebes to go check out some ancient Titan supply cache (exciting! I hope I find some cool stuff). We stopped in a small village, and found out that there was a Namean lion around. Rhoin hunts them (though he seems really sad about it, and he has like some Namean ghosts that follow him around, which is weird, I guess he has some history with them) so he wanted to go out after it. We planned it real careful, and then ambushed it when it came after the bait (no I was not the bait). I dropped off Rhoin’s back and landed right on top of it! It was a really tense fight, but we were totally prepared and kicked its fuzzy butt.

Anyway, the people of the town were really grateful (no, there are no cute halfling girls here who want to marry me, before you ask), and treated us to a feast. I have to go tan the Namean’s hide now, so I have to be done writing.

Tell Agalia and Agape that I am bringing their kids some Namean teeth to make necklaces out of, and if you see Alexandros this weekend, tell him that I am so awesome that I took on a Namean and won. What’s he beaten up recently, rowdy peasants? =P

I love you lots, and I’ll try and write as soon as I can.



P.S. Can you ask Dad what the technical classification of a gryphon-elf-man is? I want to know if Rhoin can get any tax breaks for being really weird-looking.



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