Lies from on High

Today I witnessed something I’ve not seen before and hope never to again. Early this morning a full siege started on this peaceful town by an orc tribe being led or working with the same cult we’ve been fighting for some time. I aided in the defense of the city and took every opportunity to protect the people of the town. It was…just disgusting.

The hunt is a beautiful thing. Tracking your prey is an art for the ages. Wresting victory is a great moment of triumph. Putting the creature’s life to new use is an honor and a privilege for the the hunter and the prey. As the hunt is a part of the cycle, so the hunter becomes a part of the cycle as well. It is glorious.

But this…this was just murder on a grand scale. A perversion of the cycle to the greatest extent. Yes all things must die, but nothing should die for no reason. Life is sacred, and so when taken the act must be as well. As a hunter, as a part of the great cycle, I feel compelled to strike against those who would desecrate the cycle. If the gods will not protect this world, then I will do what I can to.

Speaking of the gods, I’ve seen that apathy spreads further that Artemis herself. A temple of the gods, a worship place for all who would seek the wisdom and protection of the gods, was laid low in the attack by mortal magic. Many priests of many gods died in the attack. Krusik and Nik, himself a worshiper of Hermes which is certainly fitting, were both extremely wounded when I showed up. It seems even in their own temple, the gods supposed patronage of mortals falls slack. They seem to care not for even their own temples.

Lessen learned, harshly and repeatedly: never put your faith in lies from on high. A mistake I will never make again.

- Rhoin



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