Today I have learned that not all powers have turned a blind eye upon those of us who walk this earth. I have been blessed! By one of our creators, Aveena, the Fey Lord Oberon himself! He who tricked the griffons and the mortals into love, but them himself fell in love with their offspring, the first of our kind. He has sworn to grant me powers to hunt and destroy our foes! The Nemean’s days have been numbered since Jorus dared harm you, my love, and now I see their end coming swifter yet! I yet need more strength and more magics, but this is a boon beyond that I could have hoped for. I feel an energy welling up inside me, something…different, something powerful. I have been blessed with the Fury of the Ancestors, and now by the Lord of Fey. Nature itself rises up the Nemeans through me. Aveena, your vengeance will soon be at hand.

I feel you watching over me, beloved. I feel your warm caress in the winds, I hear your gentle laughter in the brooks. May you ever be with me, my Fifth Wind.

- Rhoin



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