A Prayer of Blood


I burn this demon’s heart that its ashes may sink its evil into the purifying earth and its smoke might carry my message to you on the great winds, wherever you are. Another Nemean lays dead, another beast which will not claim more lives the “gods” cannot protect. Five years have past since…since I failed you. Since Jorus stole you from me and since Artemis abandoned you in your time of need. Five years have you been missing from my life, five years I have missed you. Five years I have still loved you.

I have since met a cleric of Hades which claimed to be able to restore life to a lost one. Some days I feel so lost that I begin to consider such an abominable act. Was it not for your nightly visits in my meditation I fear I might have fallen to such desires. Even gone, you keep me steady in this world.

As I swore so long ago as you returned to the earth and sky, I so swear again tonight: I will not rest until the great father of these demons has been forced to his grave or I die trying. I will slay his children until he finds me or I him. I do so in your name, to avenge your death and honor your life.

May you continue to watch over me, my love. As the four winds wrap the world, may you ever wrap me. May you ever be my Fifth Wind.

- Rhoin



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